Two months from now, bicycle art afficionados will be able to get their hands on 25 new bicycle prints at the 2012 edition of the VelociPrints show.

Creator Nathan Saxton is gearing up for opening night on Nov. 11.

The concept behind the show is simple: 25 Tucson artists make 25 prints and sell them for $40 a piece.

In order to help fund the show, Saxton has created a KickStarter campaign with several rewards for people who contribute. Here’s what Saxton wrote about the show and the Kickstarter campaign:

The VelociPrint Show 2012 is a collision of bicycle and art/design cultures.  Held inside Tucson’s Borderlands Brewery in the heart of downtown, this event will be an evening full of bike folks, quality beer, exclusive yet affordable art, hanging with Tucson’s established and emerging artists, and general bike/art revelry!

At the heart of this show is a series of 25 print designs, each in an edition of 25, created by area artists.  Because the show is free to attend, and each print costs only $40, every show-goer can afford to take at least one print home, or even outfit an entire house or office.  It is our goal to ensure that everyone can afford at least one print, but still be able to pay the artists what they deserve for their hard work, so we must turn to Kickstarter backers to help with production costs. Each artist is responsible for creating his or her own print, so this Kickstarter Project is designed to help cover all the costs involved in producing the actual show itself. Borealis Arts, Zocalo Magazine, and Borderlands Brewery all believe deeply in this show, and you can join these local businesses in making this show a reality.  As you might imagine, the costs to produce, promote, and staff an event like this are rather large.   One complete set of prints will be donated to BICAS for sale at their annual fundraiser, so your support of VelociPrints indirectly benefits this 501(c)(3) non-profit collectively-run community education and recycling center for bicycles that welcomes people of all ages and walks of life. We’re hell-bent on making this show happen, and with your help, we can prove that Tucson is a premiere bicycling and art community!

Check out the rewards and pledge here.

3 thoughts on “Help fund 2nd VelociPrints bicycle art show”
  1. Martha the evil proofreader here. Your copy says that the opening is on November 11. The graphic says that it’s on November 10.

  2. I may be missing a connection about how kickstarter works (perhaps you can only back a project once?), but it looks like it would be cheaper to pre-order 7 prints and 3 framed prints than to use the $625 option.

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