When John Sears was setting up a shot on the Rattlesnake Bridge for a music video he was directing on a Tuesday night, he had no idea he was going to film one of Tucson’s bicycling institutions.

Sears was directing the video for Sylvan Street, a local band. He said he wanted to show off iconic parts of Tucson, but he hadn’t planned on having the bike community in the video.

“In the back of mind, I wanted to showcase Tucson-specific locations and themes, but the bike ride was 100% a happy accident,” Sears wrote in an email.  “A lone rider came by giving us a heads up that ‘200 bikers may or may not take the rattlesnake bridge in 10 minutes.’  So we hoped for the best and prepared a shot!”

The Tuesday Night Community Bicycle Ride shows up in the last minute of the video and doesn’t last long, but you might be able to identify a few people in it.

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