On Sunday, Sam Abate attended a benefit concert organized to help pay for medical expenses.

I received an email from William Abate, Samuel Abate’s father with an update about Sam. Sam was injured in a hit-and-run crash last month.

Here is what William had to say:

As you can see in these to photographs, Sam has made an amazing recovery.

He still has a great deal of pain and is having difficulty sleeping, but he actually showed up at his benefit concert and stayed for a couple of hours…

We have several follow-up appointments in the coming weeks, so I should have more concrete news then.

The young woman charged with causing this, pled “not guilty” to all three felony charges yesterday. As a teacher, I am saddened by her lack of compassion and her inability to take responsibility for her actions. On the other hand, she is but one individual, and when I see what Sam’s friends have done in response to this I am truly filled with hope.

While we work hard to help our students learn our subject content, we can never forget the responsibility we have in helping them understand the importance of decision making.

Thanks for keeping Sam in your hearts,


One thought on “Injured cyclist home from hospital; attends benefit concert”
  1. Okay, Sam, it’s Martha here with some goals for you:

    You’re going to recover from your injuries. And you’re going to get back on your bike. You’ll be leading the rest of us Tucson Veloheads to a concert. Where you’ll be playing the drums like you’ve never played them before. And your band’s CD will be on sale. Not to worry, we’ll buy it. Oh, will we ever.

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