This morning I’ll be participating in the GABA Mount Lemmon hill climb on this…

Well, minus the wheelbarrow.

In addition to struggling up the hill, I’ll be tweeting live updates from the event. You can follow along in the window below. Any bets on whether I’ll make it to the top?

Check it out starting: (The most recent tweets will appear at the bottom. Scroll down to see them.)

4 thoughts on “Live updates: Squeezing the Lemmon on an Xtracycle”
  1. Congrats dude! Great job.
    Because it was so easy for you, next year you need to haul the wheelbarrow up w/ you. : )

  2. “struggling” up the hill… ha! you clearly kicked butt. very cool to see the Xtra out there, though i was possibly more intrigued by your friend doing the ride in a dress shirt.

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