Victor Riquelme, a local up and coming bike racer that we wrote about before, needs your help.

Apparently, Riquelme crashed during a bike race and needs reconstructive surgery on his shoulder.

His family and friends have started a page to accept donations to help pay for the surgery.

Here is what they had to say:

The family and friends of Victor are uniting to raise money to help with him raise money for his surgery . Please show your support.

Victor Riquelme is an up and coming professional bike racer. After only a couple years racing as an amateur, Victor turned pro at age 25. Unfortunately, Victor had a serious bike racing accident and will require surgery to fix his shoulder. As most know, most riders only make enough money to get by and without being able to race or use his right arm he does not have the money to get this needed surgery. This fund is setup to help him raise money for his surgery.

As of this morning the total donated was just above $600. The organizers are trying to raise $5,000.

Donate here:

Personal Blog:

Twitter: @VWRiquelme


2 thoughts on “Local bike racer needs help after crash”
  1. Truth be told, I didn’t find the tattoo to be a turn-on either.

    But, be that as it may, I think it’s downright tragic that this man should have to resort to fundraising in order to pay for a surgery that will restore him to full functioning. This country needs a much better health care system than the non-system it currently has.

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