A new sign pops up along the Rillito.
A new sign pops up along the Rillito.

Cyclists and pedestrians using Pima County’s Loop will be greeted by new signage aimed at preventing users from getting lost.

Matt Zoll, the county’s bicycle and pedestrian manager wrote in an email that the county was working on the Rillito and then moving into other portions of the Loop.

“We’ve got some wayfinding signs going up with most of the Rillito to be complete by early January. Next we’ll work on the Santa Cruz and the Julian. Hopefully won’t have as many lost people on The Loop as we’ve had in the past….”

Have you seen the new signs? Are they helpful?


7 thoughts on “New Loop direction signs to prevent lost bicyclists, walkers”
  1. Sweet! I haven’t been on the loop in a while but I was always wondering where I was especially when passing under the bridges over the Rillito. 🙂 I especially like the mileage. Can you put the Loop Bicycle Shop on there like they do with gas stations? I know it’s exactly 12 miles from my home, I pretty much have the loop memorized, but loop newbies might like to know snacks and repairs are available. Also maybe something like, “Next water 3 miles.” I’m always having to stop to fill up at various parks and such. What a cool idea. Thumbs up! 🙂

  2. Wayfinding? Signage? (tsk, tsk) How about, “… new direction signs” Or how about: “Lost on The Loop no more; new signs point the way.”

  3. Indeed, Mark… Need to spend a few more minutes on my headlines. I guess that just means I need to get up a few minutes earlier in the morning or get the kiddo to sleep longer !

  4. Sun Circle is that ‘Stonehenge’-like place where the path does an ‘s’ loop by the bridge over the wash. Anyone’s guess about Ethan’s Crossing…..maybe they should identify these places they’re referring to. I wish they would refresh the street names on the bridges as you go under them. That would help folks picture in their heads where they are in relation to other landmarks without their devices….you know, in case the battery runs down.

  5. Ethan Crossing trailhead is a parking lot with an access path to the Loop. It’s at the West end of the Rillito path on the North side. It is located across from a street called Ethan Crossing. I too would like signs identifying the bridges the path goes under.

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