A cyclist rides around the traffic cones on Mountain while the concrete drys.

It’s been almost four months since we started tracking the fix for the potholes on Mountain Avenue near Adams Road, which is one of the busiest bike routes in the city.

You may recall the city originally filled some of the holes with asphalt back in April.

Pavement markings indicated they had future plans to offer a more permanent fix.

Today City of Tucson crews were sawing out the damaged chunk of concrete and replaced with with all new concrete.

The worker overseeing the project said they will return tomorrow to fill in the gap with asphalt and remove the barriers when the concrete is dried.

Workers saw out the old section of concrete.
I had to resist the urge of writing TucsonVelo.com in the concrete.

5 thoughts on “Mountain Avenue potholes get permanent fix”
  1. One of the things I enjoy doing is hollering out a hearty “Thank you!” or “Looks good!” to people who are making road repairs. Or installing cool things like traffic calming devices and bicycle-specific pavement markings.

    If you haven’t done this, start. The road crews really appreciate the morale boost.

  2. But will it last long  or will it deteriorate like it did before…   Why did it deteriorate fast than rest of those concrete along the lane?  is it because of heavy duty vehicle scraping that area too often??  ( I am thinking street sweeper or what? )

  3. You can always stencil Tucson Velo on it later. Heh.
    Hmm.. I think I just invented selling ad space in bike boxes. lol

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