Participants in Winning Campaigns Training get ready for a group bike ride.

Editor’s note: This post was written by Colby Henley one of Tucson Velo’s newest contributors. Henley is a daily bicycle commuter and advocate. 

Living Streets Alliance, a local biking and walking advocacy group, hosted a three-day Winning Campaigns Training workshop that attracted groups from Phoenix, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Washington D.C.

The workshop was put on by the Alliance for Biking and Walking, which provides training, coaching, grants and networking for a coalition of 198 advocacy organizations across North America.

The training is designed to help groups identify, organize and implement successful campaigns to benefit biking and walking in their communities.

Brighid O’Keane, a program manager with the Alliance who helped facilitate the Advocacy Advance Action 2020 Workshop in Tucson last September, returned to co-facilitate the Winning Campaigns Training.

“I’m inspired by the momentum of Living Streets Alliance,” O’Keane said. “I’m excited to return and build upon the relationships and collaborative work done with LSA during the Action 2020 workshop.”

Biking and walking advocates brainstorm campaign ideas.
The training allowed the 10 LSA board members and volunteers that attended the workshop to interact with and learn from other bicycling and walking advocates through a series of focused breakout sessions, walking meetings and a bike tour.
During the workshop, LSA focused on two campaigns: one to enhance pedestrian safety and comfort throughout the region and a second to bring the popular Cyclovia experience to new neighborhoods with increased frequency.
LSA board member Marley Olson said she was eager to work on a vision to take Cyclovia Tucson to the next level. She said volunteers from across the community will be needed to make the vision a reality.

To get involved with Living Streets Alliance, you can attend their next monthly Volunteer Work Night on Feb. 7 – details here.


By Colby Henley

Colby is a bike commuter, a volunteer with the Bicycle Advisory Committee Downtown/UA subcommittee, and member of Living Streets Alliance. He can't wait to take his new granddaughter on her first bike ride.

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