City of Tucson, Pima Association of Governments and Pima County officials helped make this intersection better for cyclists in 2011.

After failing to meet a quorum last month, the Tucson Bicycle Advisory Committee started 2012 by revisiting everything they accomplished in 2011.

The BAC had planned to recap their accomplishments at last month’s meeting, but they were one member short of reaching a quorum and canceled the meeting.

Here are some of the things the BAC worked on or helped implement:

  • Helped organize Cyclovia
  • Worked on creating a road diet for Church Avenue
  • Organized a Light the Night giveaway and the Ride of Silence
  • Encouraged TPD to send a representative to each BAC meeting.
  • Gained BAC representation on other committees throughout the region.
  • Investigated a bicycle sales tax.
  • Worked with the City Council and parking subcommittee to strengthen the bicycle parking code
  • Worked on road standard guidelines sent to local governments
  • Worked with Elvira Elementary to open a bike park
  • Participated in the first mountain bike count
Representatives from regional governments also presented their accomplishments for the year. Here are a few of their highlights:
  • Road widening project on Sahuarita Rd.
  • Half-mile long shared use path connecting neighborhoods so that kids can use it to get to school.
  • First ever bike-to-work week
  • Helped implement a diversion program
Pima Association of Governments:
  • Hired a national transportation firm to create a bicycle and pedestrian plan for the University of Arizona
  • Organized the annual bicycle and pedestrian count
  • Continued working on League of American Bicyclists platinum application which will be sent on Feb. 17

Pima County:

  • Created a middle school education program.
  • Connected the Loop and worked on other shared-use pathways, buffered bike lanes and greenways
  • Helped get the book bike to Tucson
City of Tucson:
  • Created first bike boulevard and working on a network of bike boulevards.
  • Added bike infrastructure for the first time in downtown Tucson
  • Worked with the streetcar team to include bicycle infrastructure


One thought on “BAC starts new year by wrapping up last year”
  1. Is there a significant opposition to improving bicycle paths in Tucson? In Austin, it’s an extremely divisive topic. Tucson’s progress makes it seem like there is more support for the cycling community.

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