Construction of the Fourth Avenue/Fontana bike boulevard is under way.

Crews have begun adding traffic circles and islands that force motorists to turn right rather than proceed through the intersection.

Check out the photos below and learn more about the project here.

Crews have cut out the asphalt and created a wood form for the traffic circle at the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Helen Street.
Crews have created the forms for concrete islands that will act as refuge for cyclists by letting each direction of traffic clear independently and forcing motorists to turn right at Fontana and Glenn. The refuge will prevent motorists from going straight through the intersection or making a left turn onto the bike boulevard.
4 thoughts on “Photos: Construction on bike boulevard underway”
  1. I live near this construction project, and I’ve already noticed a change in driver behavior. They’re not driving like bats outta hell on 4th Avenue — woo-hoo!

  2. The second photo isn’t as clear as it could be. It isn’t a traffic circle, but rather a island that sticks pretty far out and would make it almost a u-turn for motorists.

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