The intersection at Euclid Avenue and University Boulevard has been reopened to traffic allowing cyclists to cross with the benefit os a signal.

For the last several months, cyclists have been using 1st, Second and Fifth Streets to cross Euclid Avenue without the benefit of a stoplight.

It’s challenging to visualize how tight the road will be when the streetcar and parking returns to the road, but it appears to be narrow like the rest of the streetcar route. Check out more photos below.

5 thoughts on “Photos: Euclid and University intersection reopened”
  1. This street design looks like an invitation to a lawsuit. Once parked cars are added to the mix, where exactly is a cyclist supposed to ride? I do know how to deal with train tracks, but I’m going to avoid the downtown now with the new streetcar rails.

  2. It could actually work in our favor IF the cars get frustrated with bikes taking the lane (to stay out of the door zone) and find other roads to drive.

  3. I’ve made a mental note to avoid this area on my bike. Just isn’t worth the risk.

    And it isn’t like we didn’t try to tell the streetcar planners about the risks to cyclists. But we were ignored.

  4. I was on Park Ave. today during the morning grid-lock between 1st & University. I suppose all those drivers will ‘find another route’ once the street car is added to the mix.
    The results of the transportation study for the area outlined the only option the city had for traffic was to just let cars ‘duke it out’.

  5. The whole Street Car idea is just plain stupid, a HUGE waste of tax dollars, and I am willing to go as far as to say it will be outdated or goes away completely in ten years after opening.  Perhaps purchasing Street Car looking buses and improvements to the streets affected could have been done for a fraction of the cost and cost overruns this absurd project has soaked us and will continue to soak us for in the future.

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