New photos:

Massive El Grupo photo gallery

Big Flickr set

Another Flickr set

Some more from Flickr

Still more

Check out these links for a couple photos from the race.

@notubes photos

Daron Shade’s photo

Arizona Daily Star’s slide show

You can also view the leader board live.

If you have your own photos, send a few along to me and I’ll create a photo gallery.

One thought on “Updated: Photos from 24 hours in the Old Pueblo”
  1. […] … and we could ride the streetcar to it. Martha Retallick Says: March 3rd, 2010 at 1:03 pm …Photos from 24 hours in the Old Pueblo | Tucson VeloMartha Retallick: I live near the route of the Fourth… Scott: There has never been a … Martha […]

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