The construction on Mountain Avenue is getting closer to being finished. The Arizona Daily Star reported that the project will be done by the end of April.

As I rode through the area yesterday, I saw that crews were working on the buffered bike lanes. Check out the photos below:

I’m curious what you think of them. Would you like to see more of them when new projects are designed? Does it make you feel safer?

9 thoughts on “Poll: Do you like buffered bike lanes?”
  1. They visually represent the space bikes generally
    use and may reflect the increased regard for bikes
    from TDOT by being incorporated into projects.
    That may help motorists slowly accept that
    bikes are legitimate on the road and we’re not
    going away. I can’t really buy into the
    illusion that paint and textured asphalt
    results in safer. What is a lot safer is cyclists
    choosing to ride on University Blvd. or Ninth
    St. instead of Sixth St. Bicyclists’ actions, rather
    than markings on the road, are what result in
    real safety.

  2. Would I be correct in assuming that they’re a sonic reminder to drivers like those rumble strips on interstate highways? They rumble to remind you to steer your car back onto the road.

  3. I’ve never driven over them in a car. They rumble a little bit while you are on a bike. I’ll go that way tonight when I daughter and I drive, unfortunately, to the BAC meeting.

  4. Can City of Tucson afford to perform routine maintenance on these over the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years?

  5. Although, I think the section of Mountain from Ft. Lowell to Speedway uses real bricks, they are holding up MUCH better than the concrete bike lanes.

    I’m curious how well the stamped asphalt will hold up.

  6. Crap. I’m the only person who chose the “bikes are part of traffic” option on the poll. D:

    Oh well. I will think about this tonight while I’m going to take the long way home to get around the access road to the U of A Tech Park with a prohibition against bicycles.

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