2 thoughts on “City to host bike boulevard rides and info session”
  1. Interesting. During previous planning phase meetings people had asked that surrounding neighborhoods streets be made more bike friendly to offer a more pleasant riding environment than riding with traffic down grant. It was also requested that there be a separated path along grant for bicycles/peds, but it was rejected. It’s interesting that they now seem to actually be considering neighborhood bike blvds as a solution. Having one on either side of grant makes the fact that they are over 1/4 mile away feasible.

  2. Did you go on this bike blvd ride today? But I am glad they are doing this and hopefully both will be established.

    Any word on when 4th ave/Fontana Bike Blvd work will start and done by?

    Also there’s word that Treat Ave Bikeway may be turned into a Bike Blvd too. I would like to see those happen as I have done a “loop” last weekend using those 3 Bikeway (4th Ave/Fontana Bikeway, Aviation Bikeway and Treat ave Bikeway)

    So with additional of two bike blvd mentioned above in your article is great!

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