Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists awarded their first $1,000 grant to TUSD’s White Elementary School to help fund the school’s bike club.

SDMB president Zach MacDonald said the school’s Bulldog Bike Club seemed like a great way to get young people interested in mountain biking.

He said the money will go toward creating mountain bike skills features that the kids can learn to ride on. Additionally SDMB will consult with the club to help them design the features and may even help them build it.

MacDonald said there were 11 applications for the grant and the organization will fund a second grant in December.

SDMB set aside $10,000 from the $50,000 the group won from Good Magazine last year. The group will fund two $1,000 grants every year for five years.

The group will send out another call for grant applications soon.

2 thoughts on “SDMB awards first $1K grant to White Elementary school for bike club”
  1. I like this part of their school pledge:

    I will honor peaceful hands, feet, and voices.

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