Roughly 10 cyclists joined BICAS and Tucson’s Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator on a community bike ride touring several potential and planned bike boulevards..

The route took cyclists from BICAS north to University, east to Treat, north to Waverly, West to Fourth and back to BICAS.

Thivener stopped at several spots along the route to point out issues, challenges and existing amenities.

After the ride, Thivener gave a short presentation about boulevards before the bike-in movie hosted by BICAS.

He said he was glad BICAS invited him to lead the ride and give a presentation.

“I am really happy to introduce it to this crowd because I think there are a lot of potential supporters of bike boulevards,” Thivener said.

BICAS’ education and outreach co-coordinator, Kylie Walzak, invited Thivener to help educate people about potential bike infrastructure improvements.

“We invited Tom to come down and give a presentation about bike boulevards because one of BICAS’ missions is to serve as an education and resource center for everything related to bicycles,” Walzak said.

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