Thanks to local businesses and the City of Tucson’s “Bike 2 Work Week” Tucson cyclists were fed, stretched and equipped with bottles and patch kits on Monday.

Kenneth Armstrong stopped at Time Market on his commute into the University of Arizona for a mini breakfast burrito. He said he liked that the city puts on the event for cyclists.

David Anthony, who stopped at Cereal Boxx for a bowl of oatmeal, likes that it encourages people to consider biking as an alternative transportation mode.

I think it is a good way to create more awareness,” Anthony said. For people who are on the fence thinking about commuting or using their bike more, it is a good way to promote it.”

For business owners like Jordan Sthathe of Cereal Boxx, the “Bike 2 Work Week” event is a way to increase awareness about his store among cyclists.

Sthathe said he hoped cyclists would make the Cereal Boxx, “a checkpoint to refuel and get ready to hit the road again.”

Time Market’s General Manager Kade Mislinski said a lot of business already comes from cyclists, but hoped the event would help him reach new customers.

According to Mislinski, 75 percent of the 20 or so people who had already stopped in, were people he had never seen before.

Did you stop and have a bite to eat or pick up some swag? Leave a comment and tell us where you went and what you got.

In the meantime, check out the gallery below. The images are from Time Market, Cereal Boxx and Ordinary Bike Shop.

3 thoughts on “Swag for cyclists all over Tucson”
  1. I rode in past the supposed stations at Scoot Over and the Lung Association on Broadway this morning – nothing – neither one could be bothered to even tape up a paper sign outside. So if they’re trying to keep it a big secret what’s the difference between this week and any other week?

    I pretended to be one of the many thousands of people who *didn’t* know about these locations in advance and just rode on by like everyone else.

  2. I’ve noticed some places have big signs like you see in the photo attached to the post and some don’t.

    I’ll ask about why some places have them and some don’t.

  3. I had a great burrito from Time Mkt yesterday morning and a strawberry mash from Xoom Juice this morning. Think I’ll try some oatmeal at Cereal Boxx tomorrow.

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