launched a new website and will help coordinate this year's Bike Fest.

I’ve received a few unofficial updates from last night’s Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting. I didn’t attend because I was celebrating my 30th birthday.

Here are the high points:

Targeted enforcement

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department is continuing to receive complaints from motorists about cyclists around Gates Pass. Targeted enforcement in the area may be happening soon.

Along the same lines, the Tucson Police Department is continuing its enforcement of bicycle and pedestrian laws, but won’t just be focusing on the downtown and university area. They will deploy throughout the city.

Advocacy group launches new events

Emily Yetman, the director of the newly formed Living Streets Alliance, spoke to the BAC about LSA’s mission. They have several events lined up for February and March including an open house on Tuesday.

The organization was awarded a contract from the City of Tucson to help coordinate this year’s Bike Fest.

4 thoughts on “Updates from the BAC meeting: Police enforcement and more”
  1. What do you think is meant by “targeted enforcement” on Gates Pass? I really don’t see anybody violating any rules on that road. I suspect motorists are just expressing their displeasure with having to actually share the road due to the lack of a bike lane. It would be a shame if police began pulling cyclists over simply for exercising their right to ride on the road.

  2. You are right about motorists likely complaining just because they don’t want to share the road.

    They have done enforcement operations out there before and it is my understanding that the motorists are often the ones who get cited.

    I’d suggest cyclists make sure they do a good job stopping, limit themselves to two abreast and try to go single file if cars are waiting.

  3. Going single file is good advice for attempting to keep the peace with cars. Although I haven’t measured it, Gates Pass Rd. seems too narrow for the enforcement of the two-abreast rule – which basically requires a 12-foot lane. Most deputies know that challenges to those tickets have been upheld. How long will it take for cars to ‘get over’ bicycle usage of that road.

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