On same day Tucson learned it did not earn the coveted platinum rating from the League of American Bicyclists, a website previously devoted to ranking cities by their walkability announced that Tucson is the eighth most bikable city in the United States.

Walkscore.com, the group behind the numbers, posted the top 10 on Monday, but the results were largely over shadowed by the LAB’s Bike Friendly Community announcement.

Tucson received a bikability score of 64 out of 100 and tied with Seattle. According to the group, the most bikeable city in the country is Minneapolis with a score of 79 followed by Portland and San Francisco with scores of 70.

Smaller cities like Boulder and Tempe had higher scores, but did not make the top 10 because of their small size.

Here’s how the website describes the scoring:

Bike Score measures whether a location is good for biking on a scale from 0 – 100 based on four equally weighted components:

  • Bike lanes
  • Hills
  • Destinations and road connectivity
  • Bike commuting mode share

Here are a few details of the scoring:

  • Bike lanes are divided into four categories: on-street bike lanes, off-street trails, cycletracks (separated bike lanes), and residential bikeways (a.k.a. bike friendly streets or greenways).
  • We weight off-street lanes 2X as valuable as on-street lanes.

Check out the entire criteria here and be sure to check out their Tucson maps here.

One thought on “Tucson ranked 8th most bikeable city”
  1. These are all great “bikeable” cities. What I love about Tucson is the greater amount of what is bikeable outside the city.

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