According to an email from the University of Arizona’s Parking and Transportation office, a portion of University Boulevard between Cherry and Campbell Avenues will be closed for repaving until July 10.

Here is what the email said:

The following two road paving projects for the UA Mall area will impact bicycle access……Detour signs should be in place for bicyclist.  See below……

The UA Mall paving project (repave the two sides of the mall) between Cherry and Campbell will begin on Saturday, June 25, 2011.

They expect the paving to be completed Sunday, July 10, 2011. This means no vehicle or bike access during this paving project.

The sidewalks will be open on both sides of the Mall however (A bicyclist may choose to walk their bike down the sidewalk if desired) OR there will be bike detour signs in place, where bicycles trying to access the mall area off of 3rd street, will be detoured down the west side of Campbell to Enke Drive and then back through the University.

Bikes coming from the west side of campus and heading east on the Mall will be detoured up to 2nd street. They then can proceed to go to Campbell and head down to the UA Mall/Campbell intersection to get to the 3rd street bikeway. (A bicyclist could elect to walk their bike up the Mall sidewalk to Campbell if desired to access the 3rd street bikeway).

July 2, – July 9, the Cherry Ave. intersection at the UA mall will be closed for paving.

This means that no vehicles (or bikes) will be able to go South or North bound on Cherry Ave. at this intersection point. See instructions above for bicycles…….a bicyclist will be detoured before reaching the intersection or can use the sidewalk to get to 3rd street bikeway.

Please contact Mike Delahanty at 621-3758 regarding questions about this project.

As of Monday afternoon, signs showing cyclists where they should go for the detour had not been installed.


3 thoughts on “University repaving closes road until July 10”
  1. Hmmm… I’m supposed to be racing (the run portion of the Firecracker Triathlon) there on Sunday. Might they let us run through the construction?

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