Pima County’s Parks and Recreation Department will begin maintenance work on the Rillito and Santa Cruz river paths this week.

The work, which includes repaving and replacement of drainage scuppers, may require closures of the paths.

According to the Pima County website, the work will begin Monday on the north section of the Rillito path between First and Campbell Avenues and will last about a month.

After the Campbell to First section is completed, the county will move to the western section of the Rillito and work east.

The county suggests cyclists use River Road as an alternative between First and Campbell because for the time being, bikes are prohibited on the south side of the path.

Work will also begin on portions of the Santa Cruz river path on Monday.

Check out the Arizona Daily Star’s post about the closure.

Check out the tentative schedule below to see where crews will be working and plan alternative routes:

Santa Cruz River Park Repairs

Please use opposing bank trails during this process or other alternative routes.

  • Irvington to Ajo, West Bank: 1/3/11 through 1/7/11
  • Irvington to Ajo, East Bank: 1/10/11 through 1/14/11
  • St Mary’s to Speedway, West Bank: 1/17/11 through 1/28/11
  • Speedway to Grant, West Bank: 1/17/11 through 1/28/11
  • Grant to Ft. Lowell, West Bank: 1/17/11 through 1/28/11
  • Speedway to Grant, East Bank: 1/31/11 through 2/4/11
  • Grant to Partial Delv., East Bank: 1/31/11 through 2/4/11

Rillito River Park Repairs

  • Scupper replacements: 1/4/11 through 2/04/11
  • First to Campbell, North Bank including Bridge: 1/04/11 through 1/28/11
  • Railroad to Camino de la Tierra, South Bank: 2/7/11 through 2/11/11
  • Camino de la Tierra to La Cholla, South Bank: 2/7/11 through 2/11/11
  • La Cholla to La Canada, North Bank: 2/14/11 through 2/18/11
  • La Canada to Oracle, North Bank: 2/21/11 through 2/25/11
  • Oracle to Stone, North Bank: 2/21/11 through 2/25/11
  • Stone to First, North Bank: 2/28/11 through 3/11/11
  • Campbell to Brandi Fenton Memorial Park, North Bank: 3/14/11 through 4/1/11
  • Campbell to Dodge, South to North Bank: 3/14/11 through 4/1/11
  • Dodge to Alvernon, North Bank: 4/4/11 through 4/15/11
  • Alvernon to Swan, North Bank: 4/4/11 through 4/15/11
  • Swan to Craycroft, North Bank: 4/4/11 through 4/15/11
  • Dodge to Swan, South Bank: 4/18/11 through 4/22/11
10 thoughts on “Work on river paths will close sections starting today”
  1. “Scuppers”, now that’s a funny word.

    Why is it that when anything crosses the path or street, it results in either a dip or a hump? The existing scuppers look like they were intentionally bent to form a depression when installed. That big dip recently repaired on University is now a hump, but not as bad as the dip was. I don’t think it’s going to compress.

    Let’s hope the new scuppers are installed even to the pavement…maybe there will be a cyclist on the crew.

  2. Work on the Santa Cruz section has begun. I just came off of it. Looks like they washed out all the cracks across the path with a hose in preparation for fixing them. I hope they fix the bumpy section under Irvington Road.

  3. Rillito path closures not a happy way to start my new year (or new semester at UA). =(

    Hope they finish it on schedule. Do they have any plans of fixing the swells (and the spot where it looks like someone built a campfire) on the bridge the crosses to the Mountain connection?

  4. I’m glad they’re working on this, but it would be helpful if they only blocked off the sections on which they’re actually working. While River Rd. may be a reasonable, parallel route for those traveling the length of the path, it doesn’t really help those of us who cross the path & use the bridge as we go from Via Entrada to the end of Mountain Ave. The vast superiority of the Mountain bridge over Campbell or First is a key reason for paving a section of the south side. Wouldn’t it make sense to minimize the closure of this key route?

  5. Riding in to work today was confusing–how are bikes supposed to get across the Rillito River during rush hour? Campbell?? yuk! First Ave?? yuk!

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