Three days after Truman was born, he, Luci and I ventured out of the house to the farmers market on our bike.

The market is close to our house and allows us to take the river path, which has smooth pavement for the entire two miles.

I used a cam strap to secure his carseat to the bottom of the box so that even if we fell he would be secured to the box.

I’m excited that Truman’s first trip ever was on a bicycle instead of a car. He was unimpressed however and slept through the entire ride.


5 thoughts on “Photo: A baby’s first trip occurs on a bike instead of a car”
  1. If he was comfortable enough to snooze through the whole trip, that’s a good thing. Here’s hoping that he was dreaming about future rides.

  2. Congratulations!!!!! And thanks again for everything you do for Tucson’s bike community.

  3. Hello! I have a friend who is interested in biking with her new baby. What is the name of that contraption/boat/wheelbarrow on the front of your bike?! Thanks.

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