Had a pleasant morning with the crew over at Spoke 6, a co working space near downtown, this  morning.

They organized a ride to do upper A Mountain loop repeats and returned to watch the Tour de France, eat croissants and drink coffee.

They will likely be doing it again, so keep and eye out for it on the event calendar.

3 thoughts on “Photo: Tour de A Mountain”
  1. True confession: I didn’t do the A Mountain ride. (It would have taken me two hours to cover the distance, what with the need to keep stopping to take pictures.)

    However, I enjoyed watching the Tour de France. It was truly a visual feast. Thanks to Tim and the Spoke 6 crew for hosting!

  2. One question, how do you not get arrested for trespassing?  That road is closed until 8am on weekdays unless something changed.  I used to run A Mtn every other day and every now and again I’d get hassled for being there.  I was actually threatened with arrest one Sunday when I arrived as the gate was being closed.  Cross that line I’m citing you for trespassing.  Whatever.  It would be great if this could get resolved so that bikes, peds and runners could be on that hill when the cars were not.  Really the only time I can ride that road is when the road is closed because I ride it fixed and coming down is slow.  And hey if the rules changed then great but I don’t think they did.  Tacit approval is not the same as actual legitimacy.

  3. I’ve never thought too much about it because I’ve never been harassed by anyone.

    Although, I do think I saw a sign saying the road was closed to “motor vehicles” when the gates were locked.

    I get your point, though.

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