Here are a few photos from the 2011 Tucson Bicycle Classic. I had intended to spend most of the day at the race on Sunday, but woke up sick and could only spend a little time out there.

Also check out Chris Hinkle’s photos from the time trial on Friday.

Tucson Bicycle Classic 2011 – Images by Chris Hinkle

2 thoughts on “Photos: 2011 Tucson Bicycle Classic”
  1. The results don’t bear out what the reporter wrote exactly. I could not find where Zajicek received any bonus points listed in the results. It looks like to me what won him the race was the wide margin over House in the Time Trial, even though House received 22 bonus points in the last two stages. Zajicek stayed even in the last two stages for a good win and illustrated the importance of the Time Trial portion of the stage race. I’m no expert at scoring bike races and if anyone cares to clarify any of this, I’d like to know.

  2. The results were very messed up. They said at one point that the final stage (50 miles) took the pro racers 8 hours. Clearly that isn’t the case.

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