An image for an early-morning ride at Sweetwater.
A group of cows join us for a ride at Fantasy Island.

I’ve been spending the last few (early) mornings mountain biking on a loaner bike from Oro Valley Bicycles while I wait for my bike to come in.

I’ve thoroughly been enjoying the change of riding and scenery. In the last two days I’ve seen several deer, giant jack rabbits and even cows on the trail.

It prompted my friends to shout, “Cow up!”

I know I’ve never heard that on a road bike.

5 thoughts on “Photos: Things you don’t see on a road bike”
  1. I love that Fantasy Island, Sweetwater, Catalina SP, and TMP are all easily reached by bike from the UA area… get a nice warmup ride, hit the trails, ride home – it’s perfect.

  2.  I’ve shouted those exact words (“Cow Up!”) on my road bike about a month ago, as I turned from Old Spanish Trail on to Pistol Hill.  It’s open range there, and there was beef on the hoof grazing on the side of the road.

  3.  I’m excited you are venturing off the beaten path.  It’s going to open an entire world to you and more important to your followers.  

  4.  We usually “moo” at the cows from our road bikes, not “cow up.”

    After that it’s usually me saying what the cows are thinking, “wow, there goes a cow riding a bike.”  🙂

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