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At my suggestion, the Home Owners Association board I am a member of is hosting a meeting with Pima County officials about the Rillito River project on the south bank between Campbell Avenue and Mountain Avenue.

The point of the meeting was to clear up any misconceptions about the plans and assess whether our HOA would be held liable for crashes on the path since we technically own it, but gave an easement to the county.

The photo above is what was posted on the path suggesting people come voice their concerns about sharing space with cyclists. Perhaps some cyclists will want to come and voice their excitement about the project.

If you are interested in coming to this meeting, it will be held at the Woods Memorial library, which is located on First Avenue just south of Prince. The meeting starts at 6 p.m. on Thursday night.


15 thoughts on “Sharing space with cyclists is dangerous?”
  1. The sharing portion isn’t dangerous. What is dangerous is the fact that some cyclist feel they own the whole damn road/trail. They tend to ride the white line on bike lanes on city streets. I’m giving you 3 ft., now respect that I’m driving a 2 ton vehicle. They make rude remarks when others ride paths or trail that may not have the full cycling etiquette or don’t wear matching spandex outfits. I’m a cyclist, I ride all over Tucson, but I know that a 2 ton vehicle can kill me; I give them space as well. I respect other riders, walkers and joggers. We’re all out here for essentially the same reason, fresh air, exercise, stress relief and to have a little fun. Be respectful of one another.

  2. Woods Library: bad neighborhood so we pass on the meeting.

    Bike Ryder, in an emotional and ignorant state, confuses public roadways and trails. By law, cyclists have every right to utilize public roadways in Arizona.

  3. On multi-use trails like this one, you really have to be on your toes. To the point where you need to be a lot more observant than you would be on the road. After all, you’re sharing the space with walkers, joggers, runners, bladers, scooter-ers, and, yes, bicyclists.

    Be careful out there, people.

  4. I ride the white line on my bicycle when the bike lane is full of debris. Cars ride the white line because…??

    I also ride bike paths frequently. Pedestrians aren’t a problem if you ring your bell a hundred feet or so before you reach them. They like the cute sound of the bike bell and usually smile.

    Dogs are the biggest problem on mixed use paths. You never know if the dog will chase you or no.

  5. I suppose the counter-argument would be that the multi-use path is engineered such that bicyclists, pedestrians, and equestrians can travel in both directions, operating at typical speeds and methods for each, and could encounter and pass one another safely, with minimal to no oversight (I don’t picture cops handing out MUP tickets), and with minimal to no guidance on operating rules beyond common sense. Without more information on this actual path, it would be hard to take a position, so at a minimum attending the meeting could help to learn about that.

  6. I ride the white line to send you a message: stay the fuck away from me. It works. I’ve noticed that when I ride deep into the bike lane, people drive like I’m not fucking there. I ride the white line, and all of a sudden people are going way out of their way to pass me. Doesn’t chap my ass if you have to change lanes to pass me. Congratulations on being a cyclist AND the driver of a 2-ton vehicle. I don’t care.

  7. Maybe you should ask all the runners & walkers that I encounter in bike lanes…they don’t appear too worried.


    Not enough question marks. A few more and I would have been swayed to agree.

  9. Might chap your families ass when your six foot under due to the fact your a dumb ass and ride the white line.

  10. Sounds like a threat. And everybody doesn’t ride for fresh air or exercise.

  11. Sounds like a threat. And everybody doesn’t ride for fresh air or exercise.

  12. A few weeks ago the Tuesday Night Bike Ride went through there. Happy to report no one got hurt.

  13. @dce8d2d3742e0ccdae5c666d8174b055:disqus ,

    I came back to this page today to make sure that there was at least some discussion about road markings and the rights and responsibilities of cyclists and motorists.

    Instead… I find this…

    I, for one, do not appreciate your inability to keep your comments civil or your identifying yourself as a bicyclist while displaying willful ignorance about issues that many see as very important to us as a group.

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