Allie Poet pedals the bike her neighbor lent her to her job as a baker at The B-Line. She says she loves the “ratty” bike and was going to head over to BICAS after she got off work to fix it up a bit.

Allie moved here from Lexington, Kentucky and says riding in Tucson is like riding in a whole different world. She says people in Tucson seem to be pretty aware of bicyclists. She’s never had any issues with motorists.

She biked less in Lexington than she does here in Tucson. She says in Lexington, the roads are in better shape, but there is a lot less infrastructure for bikes and the people there are less understanding of the bike culture.

Allie attends classes at Pima Community College, which allows her to get outside the city on her bike — something she really enjoys.

If she could improve anything in the city to make her rides better she says she would improve the condition of the roads.

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