Logan Byers riders her vintage Schwinn Tandem almost everywhere she goes despite having several other bikes including a Kona Ute and vintage folding bike.

She says she rides the tandem, which she purchased at the bike swap last year, because she has the “option of giving someone a ride.”

Byers a student in the University of Arizona Landscape Architecture program commutes 12 miles a day on the tandem and says it also makes people think when they are stuck in a car. She hopes people realize that her bike can carry two people just like a car with a passenger.

Since her truck broke down she’s been car free. She says she hasn’t worked very hard at getting the truck fixed and is happy to ride everywhere she goes. She did say however, that if anyone has a radiator for a 1996 Nissan pickup, she’d take it.

For now though, her bike works just fine for her. She says she often straps shovels and pick axes to the bike for doing landscape work.

As far as riding around in Tucson, she’s happy to see more and more people on the road. She likes that as a cyclist in Tucson, you can ride year-round, but says the roads are in pretty bad shape and to get places quickly you have to be aggressive and take the whole lane.

If she could improve the region for cycling, she says she would add a whole lane for bikes on every street. Not bike lanes, but whole lanes just for bicycles.

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  1. If I’m ever on foot and see Logan going by on her tandem, I’ll be sure to flag her down for a ride!¬† She’s got a great outlook.

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