Vaughn, 2, and Rodd Lancaster were running errands together.

Rodd says they started riding with Vaughn in a trailer, but switched to the seat when he turned 1. Vaughn already has a few of his own bikes too.

They ride most places because Rodd says he likes that the bike keeps him in shape, saves money and is a clean form of transportation.

Vaughn loves riding with his dad, which Rodd says making running errands easier on the bike than in a car because Vaughn has fun on the bike.

Rodd says riding is also a better way to see things.

“If we see a playground, we can stop,” Rodd says. “If we see friends, we stop.”

Rodd says he mostly chooses side streets when riding with Vaughn to make it safe and more enjoyable for them.

He says riding is a great way for them to spend time together.

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