Julie Anderson, left, and Keeper Sharkey, said they weren’t “serious cyclists” because they don’t get dressed up in Lycra and go on long rides.

Although, Anderson and Sharkey, who are both graduate students in the chemistry department at the University of Arizona, say they try to use their bikes more than their cars.

Anderson moved here from Philadelphia and says riding is Tucson is so much nicer because for the most part drivers here are more aware of people on bikes. There is one stretch on Third Street between Alvernon and Palo Verde that concerns her because people go too fast and don’t always stop at the stop signs.

Sharkey picked up cycling when she moves here from Las Vegas and while she prefers riding to driving, she says the pavement quality is, “driving me crazy.”

4 thoughts on “Rider of the week: Serious cyclists?”
  1. I like Anderson’s bike and her self-effacement.¬† And I’m crazy about the “Rider of the Week” feature.

  2. That “serious cyclist” comment worries me.

    Why? Because there seems to be an implication that unless one is a serious cyclist, then one is somehow a lesser-than.

    I think it’s time for that mentality to go away.

    I’m of the mind that, if you get on your bike and go places with it, great! You’re not polluting the air and you’re getting healthy exercise.

    Enough with the seriousness already. Just get out there and ride.

  3. Not everything is political. Knowing TucsonVelo as incompletely as I do, I think the implication is that, yes, they’re serious cyclists, whether they realize it or not. A little topsy-turvy.

  4. Yep. That is something I tried to explain to them. We all know that the mentality that Lycra cyclists are the only “real” or “serious” cyclists even among people who are actually using their bikes in a way that have a bigger impact than a recreational ride.

    Glad you like the feature. I’ve been slacking a bit lately and need to do a better job getting them each weekend.

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