Bicycling Magazine's gear editor, Andrew Bernstein, tweeted this photo from yesterday's ride.

Editors from Bicycling Magazine are in Tucson this week testing bicycles for their annual “Editor’s Choice” awards.

Bicycling Magazine’s Nick Sowards wrote in an email that the Editor’s Choice award is the highest award a product can receive.

Last year the editors tested gear in Austin, but selected Tucson this year.

“Last year, our team traveled to Austin, TX for testing, and this year Tucson was selected. Warmer weather is certainly a factor, but the quality of local rides, along with gorgeous backdrops for photography, are big factors as well. And of course, food,” Sowards wrote.

I’m working on an interview with a few of the editors, but in the meantime, you can follow the testing using the Twitter widget below.

2 thoughts on “Bicycling Magazine in town testing bikes”
  1. Well, good for them to figure out that this is THE place to ride in the winter.  It’s strange that it took them this long tho.

  2. They need to get themselves to Kitt Peak, the best climb and best descent in the area, and none of the traffic that Lemmon has.

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