At first blush bicycles and sex may not be likely bedfellows, but one of Portland’s bicycle figureheads says the combination makes a lot of sense and has created a project combining the two.

“Reverend Phil” Sano, a Portland bicycling legend, is bringing his erotic bicycle film project, called Bike Smut, to Tucson tonight.

“People have been using sex to sell transportation for ages,” Sano said.

He said the films are interpretations of bicycling and sex, produced by people from around the world.

“Different people from around the world have ideas about why these two things are really good and part of a quality of life,” he said.

He said the goal of project is to get people thinking about bicycling and sex.

According to the Bike Smut website,  “in 2007 [Sano] created Bike Smut, a project using film and performance to promote sexual and transportation liberation. Bike Smut also encourages joyful exploration, shameless flirtation and radical honesty.”

“Now we have a lot of people who recognize the beauty and simplicity of cycling and what it can do to make people more aware of their bodies and feel really good about how they move in traffic,” Sano said. “Bikers do come in all shapes and sizes and they are all celebrated. We want them to be happy and alive and feel good about their bodies regardless of how they might be shaped.”

The evening starts with a bike ride which begins at the Occupy Tucson camp at Church and Congress at 7.p.m. The group will ride for an hour and end at Luz Fuego for the film screenings.

After the screening, Sano said the attendees will be encouraged to discuss what they saw and what it all means.

“It’s not to often folks these days are actively encouraged to engage with the idea of sex in a more straight-forward adult manner,” he said. “I don’t mean like adult as in porn I mean like adult in we’re mature enough to have sex, we better be mature enough to talk about it. Please come bring your adult thinking caps and use them.It makes you looks really sexy when you do that.”

The screening starts at 8 p.m. at Luz Fuego located at 657 W. Saint Mary’s Road, Room C-6.

A donation of $5 is encouraged, but Sano said no one would be turned away for lack of funds.

Check out the official Tucson Bike Smut event here.

Check out more coverage of what Sano is doing on


2 thoughts on “Movie screenings combine cycling and sex”
  1. neat article! thanks for sharing, Michael.  Did Reverend Phil comment on why the ride is starting at Occupy? Is there a connection?

  2. Hi Tucson Velo! thanks for helping us share this movement!

    Gasper, there is not a specific connection between Bike Smut and Occupy, but we share many of the same values. A social space is the marketplace of ideas, where we can talk freely and learn from one another; being able to talk about class war or sex in a mature way is pretty important, if you are going to be engaging in either, rather than just acting out without thought.

    After our group gathered we made a short explanation of our ideals which according to the Occupy scribe, made it into the meeting notes for their General Assembly that night.

    Keeping the revolution hot and bothered,


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