I’d like to take a moment to wish a happy Memorial Day to all the veterans who have served our country including my father, Donald McKisson and nephew Michael Bame.

Watch this video to see how bicycles are helping our soldiers heal.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day: Wounded Warrior Ride”
  1. A friend of my family had a very bad day back in 1993. His Harrier jet crashed and burned. He lost an arm and a leg. So much for his career as an officer in the Marines.

    While he was still in the burn center, he proposed to his girlfriend. A very attractive lady from a family that owns a beauty salon and day spa, she had her pick of men.

    She said yes to this wounded warrior. They set the date for a year later.

    Our friend John decided that he was going to walk down the aisle. No wheelchair. No crutches.

    And that’s what he did.

    John and his wife now have three kids. His family serves as his support crew when he runs marathons. Video:


  2.  By way of an update, John recently completed a triathlon. And here I thought that his wife wasn’t going to let him do the bike thing.  So much for that. Now he’s one of us .

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