Three Fout Tucson cyclists are currently racing in the Tour Divide, one of the most grueling bicycle events ever created.

Max Morris, Rudi Nadler, Josh Smith and Mel Liebling are all grinding it out on the more than 2,700 mile course that starts in Banff, Alberta, Canada and ends in Antelope Wells, New Mexico.

The race started on June 8 and follows the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route — the longest unpaved bicycle route in the world. It traverses mountain passes and valleys along the Continental Divide.

You can follow each of the 105 riders online here.

Our friends, spoke with Liebling and Nadler. Check out their interviews here and here. Check out an interview with Morris here.

As of this writing, Nadler was in 29th place, Morris was in 31st place, Liebling was in 77th place and Smith was in 86th.

8 thoughts on “Four Tucsonans racing in epic Tour Divide”
  1. Tour Divide rider quick stats….

    The leading female rider (8th place) has increased her moving to stopped time ratio to 3½ to 1. She’s gaining on No.7.
    Melissa Liebling has gone from 70th to 61st but her moving to stopped time is now less than 1 to 1.
    Max Morris is rock steady at 27th place.
    Josh Smith at 35th also up to 3½ to 1 moving/stopped ratio.
    Prescott tandem within 1 hour of the record pace tandem of 2009 with a steady lock on 10th place.
    1st and 2nd place riders are back and forth generally within ½ to 2mi. of each other. 150 mi. lead over No.3 and both are 2 days ahead of the 2009 record holder.

  2.  Yeah, Max Morris!

    Representing the Monday night Meet Me at Maynards walkers! You’re one of us! We’ll be out there in the heat, in solidarity with you tonight.

    Go-o-o-o Max!

  3. The Tour Divide..a horse race!

    Like Sundance said to Butch..Who are those guys?
    The two front runners are riding an incredible race. It’s hard to believe such matched riders showed up for the same event. They are nearly 3 days ahead of the current record-holder’s pace and have a 130 mi. lead over the 3rd place rider. They could finish Friday night. We should get the gang together and go over to N.Mex. and buy them a beer when they get in.

    The leading female rider (8th overall) is 4 days ahead of the current female record-holder’s pace and the second place female rider (13th overall) is 2 days ahead of that pace. They just keep going faster.

    The Prescott tandem has moved up to 9th place and is just two hours behind the tandem record-holder’s pace. Hangin’ tough!

    The hell with those pansies over in France.

  4. Ollie Whalley pours it on.  The rider from New Zealand has opened up a 130 mi. lead in the Tour Divide race. Riders 2, 3 & 4 are currently ‘hold up’ in Pie Town, NM. The No.2 rider, Craig Stappler from Calgary, Alberta, has been sparring with Whalley for almost the whole race both going at a record-setting pace.
    Projections show Whalley finishing nearly 3 days ahead of the current record of 19 days.
    Eszter Horanyi  (7th)  from Colorado is the leading female rider and is currently almost 5 days ahead of the current women’s record-holder’s pace and is projected to finish right at 5 days ahead of that 24 day record.  

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