A Tanzanian student who is riding around the world to raise money for educating Tanzanian students will be in town on Thursday giving a presentation about his trip.

According to Elvis Munis’ website, ChiletoKili.com he realized the lack of education in his country was a big hurdle to preserving its natural resources. He decided to ride his bike around the world to raise awareness and funds. He’s hoping to raise $100,000 during his unsupported 28,000 mile, two-year trip around the world.

He left Chile in January has been riding up through South America.

The presentations will take place at the Summit Hut on Speedway and Rosemont Thursday night at 6:30 8 p.m.

You can learn more about the project by checking out his website here.

3 thoughts on “Tanzanian riding around world raising money for education to give talk Thursday”
  1. Michael,

    Thanks so much for posting about this event. We are excited to be hosting this incredible young man’s presentation. However, the presentation is at 8:00 PM tomorrow, hope to see everyone there!

    Marketing ManagerSummit Hut

  2. Thanks, Frank! The email I got said 6:30. I’ve changed it and will send out a message via Facebook and Twitter. 

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