The cold and rainy weather forced Cyclovia Tucson organizers to shut the event down early today.

The volunteers were told to leave at 12:30 p.m. and the police officers will be leaving their posts at 1 p.m.

Emily Yetman said the barricades would be the last things removed from the course, but wasn’t sure when that would actually  happen.

Check back with Tucson Velo tomorrow for a full wrap-up of the event.

One thought on “Weather forces early end to Cyclovia Tucson”
  1. Having ridden to the river and back in the pouring down rain earlier in the morning I was slow getting to Cyclovia.  I arrived after the volunteers had quit but before the police had left.  It was odd with the cars getting onto the route so much so you kind of had to pay attention especially at the unmanned cross streets.  Miss the weather by a day and sometimes you miss it by a mile.  

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