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With local news outlets warning of possible —though unlikely — snow for Tucson in the next few days, I’ve compiled a few links with helpful tips on winter riding.

Personally, I am hoping it will snow so that I can do this to my tires for some added grip: Zip Tie Snow Tires: The Cheapest Way To Blizzard-Proof Your Bike

More links about riding in the snow:

Remember, motorists won’t be used to driving in the snow either and likely won’t be paying as much attention to cyclists on the road.

And most likely, it’ll just be cold and wet here. You can refer back to an earlier post about keeping warm while riding. While we covered the temperature, we didn’t cover keeping dry. Does anyone have tips on how to stay dry too?

4 thoughts on “How to bike in the snow”
  1. With overnight temps in the low 20’s, I imagine there will at least be ice on the ground in the morning after the rainfall. Wear gloves and be careful when you’re making turns!

  2. OMG! it might snow in the Old Pueblo!

    Zip-Tied snow tires are really dumb (even if you’re running disc brakes). It would be interesting to know what City of Tucson and Pima County use, if anything: road salt, sand, and other stuff ruins bikes.

  3. The Arizona Daily Star says Tucson uses a pre-treatment of magnesium chloride to prevent ice on the bridges, with sand as a topical followup.

    However, if we actually get snow that sticks, potholes will keep people from sliding too far on the roads.

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