The 2012 Edition of El Tour de Tucson saw 6,207 cyclists cross the finish line for the 42, 60, 85 or 111 mile versions of the event before the official 6 p.m. cutoff time.

Check out the map showing where all of those 6,000 cyclists can from and a few other interesting numbers.

6,207: Number of cyclists who finished before the 6 p.m. cutoff time.

97: The difference between last year’s 6,304 cyclists who finished to this year’s total.

903: The number of different hometowns the riders came from

16: The number of minutes faster the Eric Marcotte rode this year’s El Tour de Tucson compared to last year.

27 percent: The percentage of finishers who were women.

55 percent: The number is finishers who live outside of Pima County

9,718: The number of miles (as the crow flies) from the Perth Australia, the hometown of Stephen Howell.

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