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Seven regional bike and pedestrian projects were awarded federal transportation enhancement grants last week.

The $4.5 million in funding represents 19 percent of the total transportation enhancement money allocated to Arizona.

Pima Association of Governments planner, Ann Chanecka said her colleague, John Liosatos coordinates the program for local governments and advocates for their funding at the state level.

“He obviously did a good job since we certainly don’t have 19 percent of the population,” Chanecka said.

Pima County’s bicycle and pedestrian program manager Matt Zoll said the region has always done well since the program started about 19 years ago.

The region had seven projects funded.

Zoll said the seven projects represent a good mix including separated pathways, bike lanes and sidewalks.

Chanecka said the projects take some time to develop and plan because they have to go through the Arizona Department of Transportation and the federal government.

Tucson’s bike and pedestrian program manager Tom Thivener said the goal is to finalize the plans and begin construction in three years.

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3 thoughts on “$4.5 million coming to region for bike projects”
  1. Glad to see they’re going to add more paved bike paths to those already in place on the Rillito Riverway. Are there more details about this plan, such as the location of the segments they are going to be adding? I’d like to see the segments between Mountain and Country Club connected, since that seems like a pretty busy thoroughfare.

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