Outgoing transportation director Jim Glock listens to the city council during a meeting about bicycle improvements.

For the second time in four months, the Tucson-Pima Bicycle Advisory Committee failed to make a quorum and canceled their meeting.

They did however receive a brief update from outgoing Tucson transportation director Jim Glock.

Glock told the committee that the search for his replacement has stalled because of a lack of interest in the position. He said four people from the pool are still under consideration, but the search committee is looking for additional candidates.

He said in the interim, former director Tony Paez — whom Glock took the position over from — is going to return until the city hires a new transportation director.

Glock said when Paez was the director he supported alternate modes of transportation and believes he will continue supporting alternate modes during his interim stint.

Glock said he appreciated the BAC’s support and thanked them for working with him when he made mistakes including, he said, the Toole/Congress/4th Avenue intersection.

The meeting was supposed to involve updates from the BAC and transportation officials. Ian Johnson, the BAC chairperson, said the goal was to see all that the city and county had accomplished in the last year and look forward to the next year to determine priorities.

Johnson said he hoped the updates would take place in January.

8 thoughts on “BAC fails to meet quorum again; says farewell to transportation director”
  1. What’s the matter, BAC?  Not enough old, rich, spandex-clad white dudes to fill the club roster?  Hmm… who would’ve thought that advocating development policies that alienated yourself from minorities, commuters, and the working poor would have resulted in a “lack of interest?”  I’m just shocked!  Shocked, I tell ya! 

  2. Actually the makeup of the BAC has changed considerably in the past few years in favor of utility cycling interests.  You might consider checking it out if you were put off by the spandex and tunnel-vision of a few years ago.

  3. E,

    If what you say is true, then this is certainly good news.  I’ll try to
    muster up the will to give the BAC a second look.  But, especially after
    its tacit endorsement of recent government and police actions that
    targeted commuters (on top of other absurdities), I’m not at all optimistic about what can be
    accomplished through this organization.


  4. Give the organization another chance — we’re definitely no longer dominated by strictly recreational riders, and we have 5 members who are women. We also have five empty seats at the moment, which makes it pretty easy to fail to meet our quorum. I would encourage anyone willing to make the time investment to get involved! Rynsa, let me know if you want to meet to talk how to participate.

  5. Stunning condescension from someone who can’t get a quorum…

    “…we have 5 members who are women.”  (TPBAC’s Ian Johnson, above, in the comments)

  6. I don’t read that as condescension but rather a statement about how BAC is no longer a recreational rider boys club, a statement to show that rynsa’s statement about BAC’s “old, rich, spandex-clad white dudes” no longer holds.

  7. Ya don’t even have to know how to ride a bike to join.
    This is a major part of the problem…..anyone with a casual interest in bikes can know about the BAC. Elite cycling status is not a requirement. There are a lot of cycling needs in Tucson and it’s difficult for a  homogeneous (in scope)  group to represent everything. And it’s tough for the limited number of people to have a big effect, but, you know, nobody else is doing it.  Their main charge is to advise city and county staff,  as best they know, to address the cycling needs. They get about as much attention as any minority from the city and they operate with no budget. If you look around, you will find evidence of their influence…it’s limited, yes, but not inconsequential.
    So you can’t hold a gun to the heads of  minorities, commuters, and the working poor to make them join, I really don’t get the gripe.
    What ALL cyclers enjoy in this town is in part from the BAC’s effort.

  8. Glad to see Glock leaving. Now, if all the other city workers would follow suit, we’ have a decent coomunity.

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