Another Tucson bicycle non-profit is in the running for a grant from GOOD Magazine and CLIFBar.

This time BICAS could win $5,000, but they need your help.

Here is BICAS’ plea:

Friend of BICAS Ashley Donald wrote an incredible true story “Stolen Bike, Answers to Maddie” about how her BICAS-built bike was stolen, then returned to her in 2009. She also includes a great photo of her yellow Schwinn “Madison”, who she calls Maddie.

You can find the photo and the story by scrolling through all of the photos and stories here: VOTE HERE FOR “Stolen Bike, Answers to Maddie”

The story about BICAS is photo 11 of 16 “Stolen Bike, Answers to Maddie”.

We of course hope you’ll vote for Ashley’s story because if it is the top vote-getting story in the competition, BICAS will receive a $5,000 grant from CLIFBar and GOOD.

Voting is open until September 23rd. Please tell your friends!

Here’s is what the photo looks like and what Donaldson wrote:

Submitted by: Ashley Donald / Bike Charity: Bike Inter-Community Art and Salvage

In 2009, I was living out of my car and sleeping on friends’ couches. In May, I had an epileptic seizure while driving, totaling my car and leaving me unable to drive. With the money I received from my destroyed car I was able to buy Maddie: my beautiful, obnoxiously bright yellow Schwinn Madison. She gave me a sense of optimism—and freedom—despite my stream of bad luck.

In August, I accompanied a friend while she house-sat for a week. One afternoon, I heard the side gate slam open, but simply thought the wind had caught it. Upon investigation, I witnessed Maddie coming out of the garage in the hands of a stranger. My heart sank and I reacted as any frantic mother would: I ran after her. It was too late. Maddie was gone.

With over 600 annual stolen bike reports, the police were of little help, and I turned to my local biking community for assistance. I posted the theft on Craigslist, figuring Maddie would likely be resold.

After a few weeks, she appeared online! My quick attempt to buy her back was futile, as she was sold within hours. Losing hope after a second Maddie miss, I posted again hoping to find the buyer. Weeks later, I was contacted by a man who realized he had purchased Maddie and wanted to return her to me. I am forever grateful for the generosity of this kind man for reuniting me with my transportation, my freedom, my Maddie.

Voting ends on Friday.

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