If you love bikes and love art, be sure to circle Nov. 12 on your calendar and plan to attend the VelociPrint Show.

Borealis Arts owner Nathan Saxton is organizing the show, which will feature 25-30 local artists who will be selling 30 of their bicycle-themed prints at $35 each. The show will take place at the soon-to-open Borderlands Brewery, 119 E. Toole Ave., from 4- 10 p.m.

Saxton said he got the idea for the show after attending an Artcrank event — a traveling bicycle art show — in Denver.

“We absolutely fell in love with the concept of it,” Saxton said. “We immediately thought this had to come to Tucson because we have such an amazing print-making community and of course the biking community is enormous and very passionate.”

Saxton said he began working with Artcrank officials to get the show to Tucson, but logistical reasons prevented it from happening. He said the Artcrank organizers gave their blessing and a little behind-the-scenes help to launch his own event.

Saxton said the the plan is to, “sell [the prints] very inexpensively so everybody can come have a great time and go home with one print, two prints or ten to outfit the whole house or office.”

In order to help fund the show, he has started a Kickstarter campaign where he hopes to raise $1,250 to pay for show staff and other production costs. People who participate in the Kickstarter campaign can get deals on prints and other swag.

Because the price of the prints is so low, Saxton said there isn’t much money to go around, but a small portion of the proceeds with go to BICAS. Additionally they will donate one print from every artist to BICAS for the organization to sell at their annual fundraiser.

The event is on the same day as the GABA Bicycle Swap.

Saxton summed the event up this way: “It’s not a highfalutin art shmooze kind of thing. It’s for everybody to come, have a great time and walk out with some really cool art. ”


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