BICAS will be on the University of Arizona campus for two weeks starting Monday in an attempt to prevent students from abandoning their bikes at the end of the year.

Kylie Walzak, BICAS’ education coordinator, said the bicycle co-op has partnered with the Residence Life Office of Sustainability to notify students that BICAS will be on campus for the final two weeks of school accepting donations of bikes and bike parts.

“We are hoping to prevent bikes from being abandoned on the UA campus when students move out; and get those bikes to BICAS where we can do something good with them and put them to good use,” Walzak said.

According to a previous Tucson Velo story, about 300 bikes are abandoned on campus each year.

Walzak said BICAS representatives will set up a booth on campus to accept donations from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. during May 2-5 and May 9-12. The organization will accept any bicycle-related donations including complete bikes and parts.

Last year, bikes that were left on campus past a certain date were considered abandoned. Their locks were broken and the bikes were placed in storage until they were claimed. If they weren’t claimed, the bikes were sold at a campus auction.

Walzak said she is looking forward to seeing how it goes.

“It is the first time we are doing it, so we don’t really have any idea what to expect,” she said.




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  1. Does Bicas take trade ins? I know a 16 year old girl who needs a bike for summer but my old mountain bike is too big and heavy for her. Would it be possible to trade it in for something that would fit her?

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