The mangled bike lays in the bushes behind the car with a crushed windshield. (Photos by Daniel Stolte)

Editor’s note: The Arizona Daily Star is reporting that the driver of the vehicle caused the crash Tuesday morning was cited for causing a crash that resulted in injury. Read more here.

A 22-year-old student at the University of Arizona is expected to live after being struck by a vehicle this morning.

The cyclist, who was taken to University Medical Center, was waiting at a stop light at Park Avenue and Speedway Boulevard when a car crashed into him and three other cars.

Sargent Lopez in TPD’s public information office said a driver heading westbound on Speedway couldn’t stop at the red light and attempted to make a right turn onto northbound Park, but couldn’t make the turn and collided with three vehicles and the cyclist who were waiting at the light heading south on Park Avenue.

Lopez said it did not appear that drugs or alcohol played a part in the crash and it would be determined if speed was a factor. The driver told police that the car malfunctioned, which prevented the driver from slowing. Lopez said the that had yet to be verified.

Daniel Stolte, a Tucson Velo reader called to report a crash and said the cyclist’s bicycle was broken in two.

The motorist struck two cars and the cyclist at the intersection of Park Avenue and Speedway Boulevard. Photo by Daniel Stolte.
12 thoughts on “Updated x2: Driver cited in crash that injures cyclist”
  1. The U of A sent out an e-mail to staff and students saying to avoid that intersection for 2 hours because traffic is being diverted due to the accident. No further details were provided.

  2. My heart goes out to the cyclist.

    And a warning to the rest of the two-wheeled tribe: This is one of the scariest intersections in Tucson. It seems as if it’s a magnet for distracted drivers.

    You really have to be on your toes, lest one of them run you down while they’re talking on the cell phone, texting, or whatever it is that they’re doing.

  3. Never what you want to see.

    I wrote an article a few issues ago about what to do if you come across a cyclist who has been in a collision. I did this after I came upon a collision during the GABA Mt Lemmon hill climb last year where the cyclist was ticketed and the car was not.

    I had my camera and took many photos from different angles and they were helpful for the cyclist in court.

    Mike, I think it is a worthy topic to cover and would love to see you write an article on the subject as well.

  4. I took as many pictures as I could from the angle the police permitted me to. I even managed to take a couple from the off-limits area. But the police photographer was everywhere, so I believe the police have all the pictures they would need.

  5. @TucsonPedaler: I concur on the article suggestion.

    Perhaps an interview with the Tucson Bike Lawyer would be a worthy addition to the article.

    BTW, he has a nice, pocket-sized card that advises you on what to do if you’re in an accident. I got it at one of the Bike Swaps and carry it with me on every ride.

  6. I was at the intersection (actually Jack-n-crack drive-thru grabbing a drink) and there were 2 cars and a cyclists involved. The 2 cars were fairly wrecked and were up on sidewalks turned around so that cyclists should be lucky to survive as it looked bad for the cars.

  7. Intrepid and incredibly competent reporter Fernanda Echavarri, Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star reports,

    “The UA student was on a bicyclist next to the three crashed cars when he was injured.The bicyclist was not wearing a helmet and was taken to University Medical Center.”

  8. There were four cars total involved in this accident: the three cars on the street and the Mercury in the gas station. One of the cars was hardly damaged, yet still involved. Helmets are indeed the safer choice, but in this case it wouldn’t have helped much… not at the speed the driver was going.

  9. Red Star did not make a statement as to whether wearing a helmet “can really help” and did and does not know whether, in this specific incident, wearing a helmet would have helped.

  10. Correction to: Red Star did not make a statement as to whether wearing a helmet “can really help” and did not and does not know whether, in this specific incident, wearing a helmet would have helped.

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