Three Tucson bicycle businesses are vying for one of 12 $250,000 small business grants.

Craycroft Cycles, a local bike shop primarily focusing on BMX bikes, O2 Modern Fitness, a bicycle fitness studio Ans Julie Bar, an energy bar are all in the running for the grants.

The Mission Small Business grants are being provided by Chase and Living Social.

They need your help to win the grant, though. You can login using you Facebook account and vote for the businesses you support. Voting, which you can do here, ends on Saturday.


5 thoughts on “Bike businesses vying for $250k grant”
  1. How exactly do us taxpayer/consumers benefit from the government taking money from so they can give it to a business.  Let the market determine the success of a business and tell your congressperson you don’t like him taking your money  just to give it to some business that may not survive no matter how much money is pumped into it.  What was that solar company that went bust even after we gave it millions? 

  2. Chase isn’t the government yet guys. Give it a couple more Republican presidents and it will be. 

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