Click on a map marker for expanded information about each count location. The red markers indicate the location was in the top 10 for the number of cyclists counted. The yellow indicates the location was in the top 20.

A Pima Association of Governments preliminary report about the 2010 bike count shows a 23 percent increase in bicyclists counted compared to 2009, but doesn’t eclipse the total number counted in 2008.

This year 20,896 cyclists were counted at 98 locations around the region.

The report explains the count methodology:

In October 2010, volunteers counted bicycles and pedestrians at various locations throughout the Tucson region. 2010 was the third year of the annual bicycle count program and the inaugural year for counting pedestrians. In general, each location was counted two hours during one morning weekday peak period (7-9 a.m.) and one evening weekday peak period (4-6 p.m.) for a total of four hours of observation time. Some weekend morning counts (7-10 a.m.) also were taken to gauge recreation cycling numbers. In cases where repeat counts were done at a location, the counts were averaged to get a four-hour estimate.

The comparison between years is challenging because locations have been added each year. According to the report, when comparing locations that were counted in both years, volunteers counted 8,972 cyclists in 2010 and 7,294 cyclists in 2009.

In 2008 7,221 cyclists were counted at various locations around the region. When comparing those same locations in 2009, 5,156 cyclists were counted. In 2010, the number increased to 6,348.

The top 15 locations locations by volume:

Other details about the count:

  • 27.2 percent of the cyclists counted were women.
  • 57.4 percent of the cyclists were counted in the morning.
  • 50.7 percent of the cyclists were wearing helmets
  • 3.1 percent of the cyclists were riding the wrong way.
  • 6.2 percent of the cyclists were riding on the sidewalk.
One thought on “2010 Bike count numbers rise; still lower than 2008”
  1. They should also count in the east at Catalina Hwy and Tanque Verde, Houghton, or Mt. Lemmon Short Road. These are mostly recreational riders, not commuters, but you would get a sense of the numbers.

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