Local businesses There and Back Bikes and Spoke 6, a co-working space, are teaming up for the “Back-to-Work, Bike-to-Work Challenge.”

The commuter contest begins on Jan. 5 and bike commuters will be entered into the drawing each time they use their bicycles to get to work.

The contest also has several events including a pancake breakfast.

Check out the official contest page and find out how to get your business on board.

3 thoughts on “Local businesses teaming up for commuting challenge”
  1. It would be nice if this store was open at 6:30 am, about the time I would pass by when biking to work in the New Year.

  2. Hey that Spoke 6 is pretty interesting. I’ve always admired that building. I didn’t know that’s what went on there. If they had computers with CS5 I could use I’d use it as a photography studio when I’m downtown. Hopefully Santa will bring me a laptop. 🙂

  3. Back-to-Work Bike-to-Work month is here and we’re having the kickoff breakfast this Wednesday at Spoke6 (www.spoke6.com)!!!

    Ride on by for free breakfast to all cyclists.

    Cyclists can also work all day for free at Spoke6 during each Wednesday in January.

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