Wildman's Billboard Bike is parked in front of his Malibu Yogurt shop on University Blvd.

When Bill Wildman was approached about buying advertising on a bicycle, he was convinced the idea was so good he decided to buy his own billboard bicycle instead.

Wildman, who owns Malibu Yogurt at 825 E. University Blvd, uses his Mainstreet Pedicabs manufactured Billboard Bike to get to and from his store.

“Because it is my bike and because I ride it, I can park it just like any other car,” Wildman said.

Tucson regulates business signage, but the Billboard Bike doesn’t fall under those regulations.

Wildman says it is no different than people who stick advertising on their cars and drive around the city or the billboard trucks that drive around the city.

But, according to Dan Werner, director of sales and marketing at Mainstreet Pedicabs, it has one big advantage; no pollution.

“When you compare it to big trucks spewing out fumes, there is no comparison,” Werner said.

Many people don’t want their businesses associated with a loud and smelly truck and the Billboard Bike offers a carbon free way to advertise that, “really turns heads,” Werner said.

The bike, which sells for about $3,400, includes everything you need to get started except for the batteries to light up the sign at night.

According to Werner, the company hasn’t sold more than a few dozen of the Billboard bikes, but like the pedicab, when someone sees one, they want to know more about it.

Pedicabs have been advertising on the back and sides of their bikes from the beginning, but because Billboard Bikes don’t require liability insurance like pedicabs, more people are looking into the them, Werner said.

“Pedal power is a very cool thing,” Werner said. “Not only is it something you can use to build a business and earn money, but it is doing it the right way.”

Wildman said he has gotten a lot of positive feedback from people who have seen him out riding his Billboard Bike.

Bike Lane Billboards is a local business, which offers a similar service.

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