The City of Tucson is trying out speed bumps for bicyclists on the Aviation Path.

Tom Thivener, the City of Tucson’s bike and pedestrian coordinator, said he decided to try the bumps — a technique he has seen in Europe — where the Aviation bike path intersects with Park Avenue.

“You have the safety and quietness of a shared use path and then suddenly you approach an intersection of some sort and you want to throw an extra warning to the cyclists as they approach,” he said. “If you are going to 25-30 miles per hour, which you potentially could at that stretch of Aviation it is best that you are warned a little bit ahead.

Thivener said the bumps are small and aren’t rattling.

“You notice it enough, but it is not jarring whatsoever. If only our potholes were so subtle,” he said.

Thivener said he doesn’t have plans to add more yet, but is open to suggestions.

The speed bump material is a new product and the company that makes it gave the city the product for free to try.

Thivener said it would normally cost a few thousand dollars.


7 thoughts on “City installs bicycle speed bumps on Aviation Path”
  1.  “If only our potholes were so subtle,” he said.

    Wonderfully subtle comment.

  2. Yeah, we sure could test some free pot-hole-filler product.

    Also, the expansion cracks (or are they compression humps) on
    Sabino Canyon road between Snyder and Kolb on the west side are insane. You are at speed there going downhill and control is difficult.
    You have to move into the travel lane.

  3. No. It’s most of that section of road starting at Snyder, heading South to where it curves around into Kolb. The shoulder is just ‘eat up’ with the severe breaks in the pavement. The intersection is OK, I guess.

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