After a hiatus of more than five years, Southern Arizona cyclocross fans were able to get their fill of cross racing action on Saturday.

Lots of fans and racers turned out to participate in the AZCross series race at Quincie Douglas Park.

Race promoter Dan Maher said via text message that he was thrilled with the turnout of both racers and spectators.

“A big thanks to everyone who came and supported cyclocross in Tucson and helped ensure we will have races here in the future,” Maher wrote.

He said he’d like to lower the $35 registration fees for future races, but thought everyone who participated had a great time.

Check out the videos and images below to get a feel for what cyclocross is all about.

Check out the video from various points along the course as well as race video with Donovan Caputo and Forsman. Be sure to check out the crashes.

Join professional cyclist Chloe Forsman for one complete lap of the course.

Lastly, see all the images from the racing on Saturday.

Chloe Forsman navigates the sand pile.

DeJay Birtch runs up a muddy hill during Saturday's cross race.
6 thoughts on “Cyclocross returns to Tucson; is a crashing success”
  1. I don’t get it.  Why would anyone take their sports car out 4 wheeling?  Before mountain bikes were invented, this sort of made sense in a masochistic way.  Now tho, I just don’t get it.

  2. It’s too bad we don’t get rain to produce the epic cx conditions that are the hallmark of cross.  Mt Lemmon could be a great place, what with the snow and cold, if there were a location up there that wasn’t sensitive to the tearing up of the ground by the race.

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